Daily Schedule

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There are numerous advantages built into this schedule.

1. Longer school day: When compared to the local public schools in the area, CRCS students will attend school for an extra 1.5 hours per day. This translates into 262 more hours per year, or a whopping 43 more school days!

2. Uninterrupted literacy, math, science/social studies, and project based instruction: All students at CRCS will be taught all content areas at the same time. This will allow for proficiency-based instruction to occur across grade levels. Students will not be held back or pushed ahead simply because of their grade placement. They will receive instruction on the skills that have not mastered, moving on when they are proficient.

3. 60 total minutes of recess each day: The nature of children’s free time has changed over time with decreasing amounts of time spent outdoors. Electronic entertainment is taking up to 7.5 hours a day of our children’s time according to a Kaiser Family Foundation study. CRCS strongly believes that children learn and practice many basic social skills through play. They develop a sense of self, learn to interact with other children and learn how to make and keep friends. Students start the day with a 15 minute recess after all the busses have arrived and at noon time they have up to 45 minutes for additional recess time.