Make a Donation

Thank you so much for thinking about donating to the Cornville Regional Charter School! We are asking you to invest in our school in a way that will continue to provide benefits for years to come.  

Cornville Regional Charter School (CRCS) opened its doors as an elementary public school option in 2013. Since then we have welcomed many new families. Charter schools are very new in Maine. They are public schools that are tuition-free to any child. As public schools of choice they provide an opportunity for families to select learning environments that best fit their child’s learning style. Charter schools benefit not only those that attend but also give comfort to other families by knowing there is “choice”.

The support for CRCS has been heartwarming.  Many families, friends and businesses have donated their time, materials and efforts. We need your help as we continue to grow.  Please think about sending a check to CRCS, 1192 West Ridge Road, Cornville, Maine  04976. Your tax-deductible donation is an investment in the school, the children, the community and the future. CRCS has 501(c)3 status.

Thank you!

Cornville Regional Charter School