Cornville Regional Charter School Board Policies

SECTION A: Foundations and Basic Commitments
Section A contains policies and regulations on the district’s legal role in providing public education.

AB The People and Their School
AC Nondiscrimination/Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action
AC-R Nondiscrimination Policy Regulations
ACA Non-Sexist Language
ACAA Student Discrimination and Harassment
ACAA-R Allegation of Harassment, Physical and/or Sexual Abuse
ACAB Harassment
ACAB-R Employee Discrimination and Harassment Complaint Procedure
ACAD Hazing
AD Educational Philosophy/School District Mission
ADAA School System Commitment to Standards for Ethical/Responsible Behavior
ADC Tobacco-Free School Policy
ADC-R Tobacco Use and Possession Administrative Procedure
ADF School District Commitment to Learning Results
AEC Accomplishment Reporting to the Public


SECTION B: School Board Governance and Operations
Section B contains policies and regulations on the Board of Directors – how it is elected, appointed, how it conducts meetings, etc.


BBA School Board Powers and Responsibilities
BBAA Board Member Authority
BBB Board Membership-Elections-Appointments
BBBA Board Member Qualifications
BCA Board Code of Ethics
BCB Conflict of Interest
BCC Nepotism
BDB Board Officers
BDD Board-Executive Director Relationship
BDE Board Standing Committees
BDG School Attorney-Legal Services
BE Regular Board Meetings
BEB Special Board Meetings
BEC Executive Sessions
BEC-E Maine Statutes Authorizing Executive Sessions
BEDA Notification of Board Meetings
BEDC Quorum
BEDD Rules of Order
BEDF Voting Method
BEDG Minutes
BEDH Public Participation at Board Meetings
BEDJ Broadcasting and Taping of Board Meetings
BEDL Adjournment of Board Meetings
BGA Policy Development
BGB Policy Adoption and Amendment
BGF Suspension of Policies
BHC Board Communications with Staff
BIB Board Member Development Opportunities
BIC Freedom of Access Training
BIC-E Freedom of Access Certification
BID Board Member Compensation


SECTION C: General School Administration
Section C contains policies and regulations on school management, administrative organization, and school building and department administration.

CF School Building Administration
CHA Development of Regulations
CHCAA Student and Staff Handbook
CHD Administration in Policy Absence
CM School Annual Report


SECTION D: Fiscal Management
Section D contains policies and regulations on school finances and funds management.

DA Fiscal Management Goals
DB Annual Budget
DD Grants and Funding Proposals and Applications
DFA Revenues from Investments
DI Fiscal Accounting and Reporting
DID Inventories
DIDA Fixed Assets
DIE Audits
DJ Bidding- Purchasing Requirements
DJA Purchasing Authority
DJC Petty Cash Accounts
DJH Procurement of Staff Code of Conduct
DM Cash in School Buildings


SECTION E: Support Services
Section E contains policies and regulations on non-instructional services and programs which include but are not limited to, transportation, food services, building and grounds management, and office services.

EA Support Services Goals
EB Safety Program
EBAA Reporting of Hazards
EBC Automated External Defibrilator
EBCA Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan
EBCB Emergency Evacuation Drills
EBCC Bomb Threats
EBCD Weather-Related Emergencies
ECB Pest Management in School Facilities and on School Grounds
ED Free Educational Materials
EE Transportation Services Management
EEAEE School Transportation Accident Policy
EEBB Use of Private Vehicles on School Business
EEBB-R Parent Permission Form for Transporting Students
EEBB-R Driver Permission Form
EGAD Reproduction of Copyrighted Material
EGAD-R Reproduction of Copyrighted Materials Guidelines
EHB Records Management


SECTION F: Facilities Development
Section F contains policies and regulations on facility planning, financing, construction and renovation.

FA Facilities Development Priority Objectives
FB Facilities Planning
FEA Educational Specifications
FF Naming of Facilities


SECTION G: Personnel
Section G contains policies and regulations relating directly to district personnel.

GA Personnel Policy Goals
GBB Staff Involved in Decision Making
GBEA Staff Conflict of Interest
GBEAA Staff Protection off Campus
GBEB Staff Conduct with Students
GBEC Drug-Free Workplace
GBED Smoking on School Premises
GBEF-R Cellular Telephones
GBGAA Bloodborne Pathogens Exposure
GBJ Personnel Records
GBN Family and Medical Leave
GCCAD Professional and Support Staff
GCE-R1 Staff Recruitment Procedures
GCE-R2 Staff Nomination Procedures
GCE-R3 Staff Appointment Procedures
GCFB Recruiting and Hiring of Administrative Staff
GCFB-R Recruiting and Hiring of Administrative Staff-Administrative Procedures
GCG Substitute Procedures
GCG-R Substitute Calling
GCI Professional Staff Development Opportunities
GCK Professional Staff Assignments and Transfers
GCN Supervision of Professional Staff
GCO Evaluation of Professional Staff
GCQC Authorization to Accept Resignations
GCSA Employee and Volunteer Computer and Internet Use
GCSA-R Employee and Volunteer Computer and Internet Use Policy
GDA Support Staff Positions
GDFA Authorization to Hire
GE Filling of Co-Curricular Positions

SECTION H: Negotiations
Section H contains policies and regulations on the process of negotiating with bargaining units authorized under state law and recognized by the school board.

SECTION I: Instruction
Section I contains policies and regulations on the instructional program: basic curricular subjects, special programs, etc.

IA Instructional Goals    
ID School Day
IDB Cancellation of Afterschool Student Activities Due to Inclement Weather
IE Organization of Instructional Program
IGA Curriculum and Adoption
IHB Special Education Policy and Purposes
IHBA Individualized Education Program
IHBAA Referral Policy
IHBAA-E Maine Special Education Regulations
IHBAA-R Referral Procedures and General Education Interventions
IHBAB Free Appropriate Public Education
IHBAC Childfind Policy
IHBAG Programming in the Least Restrictive Environment
IHBAI Independent Educational Evaluations Policy
IHBAJ Provision of Supportive Services to Students with Disabilities
IHBAK Life-Sustaining Emergency Care Policy
IHBAL-R Grievance Procedure for Persons with Disabilities
IHBAM Third Party Funding for Services to Students with Disabilities
IHBAQ Transition Services for Students with Disabilities Leaving School
IHBF Homebound Instruction
IIB Class Size
IJJ Instructional and Library Media Materials Selection
IJJ-E Challenge of Instruction Materials Form
IJNDA Web Use Policy
IJNDB Student Computer and Internet Use
IJNDB-E Student Device and Internet Use Acknowledgement Form
IJNDC School Website and Web Pages
IJNDC-E Agreement to Publish on Web
IJOA Field Trips and Excursions
IJOAA Overnight Class Trips
IJOC School Volunteers
IK Academic Achievement
IKA Grading System
IKB Homework
ILD Educational Research
IMDB Flag Displays
IMDC Performing Arts Programs
IMG Animals in School
IMGA Service Animals in School


SECTION J: Students
Section J contains policies and regulations on students: admissions, attendance, responsibilities, conduct, discipline, etc.


JB Equal Educational Opportunities
JBA Toileting Policy
JEA Compulsory School Attendance
JFABD Admission of Homeless Students
JFC Dropout Prevention Student Withdrawal from School
JG Assignment of Students to Classes
JHB Truancy
JHBB Attendance Policy
JHCB Released Time for Religious Instruction
JI Student Rights and Responsibilities
JICA Student Dress Code
JICC Student Conduct on School Buses
JICC-R Student Conduct on School Buses-Rules
JICE Student Publications
JICFA Hazing
JICG Smoking by Students
JICH Drug and Alcohol Use by Students
JICH-A Breathalyzer Testing Protocols
JICH-R Drug and Alcohol Use by Students Procedures
JICIA Weapons, Violence and School Safety
JICK Bullying
JICK-E1 Bullying Report Form
JICK-E2 Bullying Investigation Form
JICK-E3 Documentation of Disciplinary and Remedial Action Taken
JICK-E4 Flow Chart
JICK-R Bullying Administrative Procedures
JIH Questioning and Searches of Students
JIH-E Student Search Checklist
JIH-R Questioning and Searches of Students Procedures
JII Student Complaints and Grievances
JJIF Management of Concussions and Other Head Injuries
JJIF-E Concussion Information
JK Student Discipline
JKA Corporal Punishment
JKAA Use of Physical Restraint and Seclusion
JKAA-R Procedures on Physical Restraint and Seclusion
JKD Suspension of Students
JKD-R Student Suspension Regulations
JKE Expulsion of Students
JKE-R Expulsion of Students Guidelines
JKF Suspension and Expulsion of Students with Disabilities
JKF-R Disciplinary Removal of Students with Disabilities Administrative Procedures
JL Wellness Policy
JLCA Physical Examinations of Students
JLCB Immunization Requirements
JLCC Communicable Diseases
JLCD Medication Policy
JLCE First Aid
JLCF Authorization for the School Nurse
JLDBA Adolescent Suicide Awareness Program
JLDBG Reintegration From Juvenile Facilities
JLF Reporting Child Abuse and Neglect
JN Youth Service Programs
JRA Student Education Records and Information
JRA-E Annual Notice of Student Education Records and Information Rights
JRA-R Student Education Records and Information
JS Student Aspirations
JT Student Opinion Surveys



SECTION K: School-Community Relations
Section K contains information on relations with the general public and community and public agencies.

KA School-Community Relations Goals    
KCAA School Community Advisory Committee
KCB Community Involvement in Decision Making
KCD Gifts from the Public
KDB Public’s Right to Know-Freedom of Access
KDD News Media Relations
KE Public Concerns and Complaints
KEB Public Complaints Regarding School Personnel
KF Community Use of School Facilities
KF-a Facilities Use Application
KF-b Facilities Fees and Rates
KHB Advertising in the School
KHC Distribution of Materials
KHD Solicitations in Schools
KI Visitors to School
KLG Relations with Law Enforcement Authorities


SECTION L: Education Agency Relations
Section L contains policies and regulations on the districts relationship with other education agencies.

LD Relations with Colleges and Universities  
LDA Student Teaching and Internships